Tella Firma

Tella Firma Foundations use a proven, patented process of elevating a slab-on-grade foundation above the ground to create a protective void. This innovation isolates the slab, helping protect it from the shrink/swell cycles that are inevitable in expansive soil areas of Texas. Designed as a structurally suspended slab, Tella Firma provides isolation from the expansive soils. The design is similar to a pier-and-beam and a slab on void boxes, yet is more cost effective and takes less time to install than most traditional suspended foundations.

Our Structural Engineer was one of the first Engineers to design the Tella Firma system over 5 years ago. Although the concept is simple, the design process is complex, utilizing finite element software from Adapt to ensure all the structural elements are considered.

The Tella Firma lifting system is based on commercial engineering principles that have been in practice for over 50 years and installed in homes for more than a decade. Tella Firma is field-tested, customer-proven. It is accepted by both residential and commercial builders and continues to be a sought-after foundation solution for today’s leading homebuilders. To view a YouTube video to better understand how the design and setup works, click here.