Insurance Claim Engineer

The primary function of forensic engineers is to determine after the fact exactly what happened to cause the failure. We go far beyond that to provide our clients with much more:

    • What happened?
    • Why did it happen?
    • How we can prevent it happening again?
    • Who, if anybody, caused it to happen?
    • How much it will cost and how long will it take to rebuild?
    • Are the reported repair costs reasonable?

Property Loss Consultants – Foundations, Roofs, Water Intrusion, Premises Liability
Eyncon’s forensic engineers have extensive experience in the assessment of damage to residential and commercial properties. From construction defects to premises liability, our property loss experts and forensic construction experts have answered questions for our clients about problems ranging from the foundation to the roof. The problems may be cosmetic or structural in nature, static or evolving, and the result of water intrusion, fire or natural catastrophe.

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