Detention/Retention Pond Design

Today, most municipalities require that new developments control the rate of stormwater runoff from their site such that the rate of flow is the same or lower after development than what existed before a project was constructed. The most common method used is construction of a detention pond. Often a retention pond, which holds some water at all times, is utilized to provide a water feature as an amenity while reducing the post-development flow rate. Eyncon Engineering designs stormwater detention/retention systems to meet local requirements.

A value engineering approach evaluates the possibilities for turning stormwater structures into amenities, such as stepped ponds and stone bridges. Site efficiency is also a consideration, and our approach to design looks at a variety of alternatives, including underground and offsite detention. Environmental concerns are also driving development of dispersed systems of ponds providing ecological treatment to improve water quality, while creating less obvious systems and more attractive sites.

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