We approach each individual project with the understanding that all building types present unique challenges. Through our design process, we extend specific consideration to the design requirements and the benefits of each structural solution proposed. Accordingly, we are able to align our client’s needs with the most suitable structural system.
Because we offer integrated design services, our focus remains on the long-term performance of our client’s building while striving to delivery durable and adaptive installations that lend toward future changes or building upgrades.
Our design philosophy reflects a holistic design approach cognizant of the role that the structure plays in influencing the overall design characteristics of a facility. As such, we are committed to providing solutions that not only meet the established structural criteria of the project, but also the over-arching architectural objectives while working alongside all other disciplines on the project.
We recognize that for some clients, sustainable design matters. Our team is always poised to work closely with the entire design team in a comprehensive, integrated manner, to reinforce the construction of sustainable building outcomes that balance the social, economic, and environmental needs of the project.
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