Residential Builders

Professional Engineering Services for Custom Builders

A builder is as good as the subcontractors and professional services providers they partner with. We support our builders to ensure compliance with engineering standards and engage with homeowners to better provide the most long-term structural design for the client. As an Engineering firm we’re liable for structural defects for 10 years, however our design methodology far exceeds designing a structure that lasts only 10 years.
The most effective means to support our custom builders is to involve the homeowner in the decision making process of the structural elements of the home. “Most” homeowners are not aware of foundation options and invariably select the most cost effective foundation which is a ground supported waffle slab or more commonly known as a slab-on-grade. Our slab selection process facilitated by an interactive webinar allows the homeowner to understand the value of the best foundation that will last a lifetime for the specific location. This session can create value and add more money to the budget before terms are finalized. Until a soil test is performed and a foundation type has been chosen and designed, these costs will not be known.
After literally decades of experience building in North Texas soils we know when to specify soil remediation, injections, or simply eliminate soil conditions and structurally suspend the foundation system to remove expansive soil risk completely.
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