Hydraulic/Hydrologic Analysis

Hydrologic analyses are performed to quantify the volumetric flow rate of water draining from a watershed (i.e., drainage area) over time. The amount of water that flows from a watershed depends on the characteristics of the watershed (e.g., size, land cover, antecedent moisture, and steepness) and the presence of water (e.g., the intensity and duration of a precipitation event, or regulation from a dam). Hydraulic analyses are performed to determine the depth of flow, flow velocity, and forces from flowing water on a surface or at hydraulic structures. These studies are necessary components in the hydraulic design and analysis of structures.

Eyncon Engineering provides surface water hydrology and hydraulic engineering analyses and designs.  Services in this area of water resources have included a broad spectrum of assignments from stormwater management / drainage to flood plain analyses and dam design.

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